We work hard to increase production efficiency in our production. In addition, the company's products are also being produced from new products in high-quality products in large products, focus on diversified agricultural products, focus on high-quality products through global products that we are constantly keen on. Keep up with all the new developments
In addition, we always strive to attract local and international expertise and qualify the workforce, as well as strive to provide a suitable work environment for all that ensures the retention of key employees by providing the required support as well as opportunities for continuous professional development.
Thus, the daily production will reach 6 million eggs per day, 100 tons of fresh and frozen chicken, and 20 tons of poultry products per day.


The company aspires to be one of the largest poultry companies in the Middle East during its start-up on the ground to build the project. Ten egg production fields, with 10 halls for each field, with vertical cages, eight broiler production fields, each field containing ten halls, thirty breeding halls, and four broiler fields. Broiler and laying, four fields of chickens with laying mothers, in addition to two slaughterhouses, productive of six thousand chickens per hour for one slaughterhouse, factories and a protein lab, and reinforce this with a fleet of mechanisms to transport products to all governorates of Iraq.

Future Plans

Zohoor Al-Watan Company aspires to be one of the largest agricultural and livestock production companies in the Middle East, where the management aspires to increase production and expand continuously in a well-studied and safe manner. Communicate with the leading companies in the region to exchange experiences and benefit from their capabilities in the production and purchase of raw materials to reach the best coverage of the Iraqi market with the best products and the most appropriate prices.

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